The Family of Liyer House welcomes you to Ubud!

Ketut Liyer, a well- respected traditional medicine man and healer, recently retired at an age of 102 years. Until his retirement Mr. Ketut blessed and purified the family land to create a restoring and peaceful atmosphere for all who visit his house.

As part of the Liyer family tradition, this legacy now falls to his son, Mr. Nyoman. He inherited the knowledge and traditions of his family to carry on into the next generation.

The same calling for healing and supporting people in need has led Gede, Ketut’s grandson, to become a passionate medical doctor. Mr. Gede made it his mission to create a space for travellers interested in finding the harmony and balance in life and discover the Balinese culture first hand.

Liyer House is owned by the Liyer Family supported by a great team with the same passion for the authentic Balinese culture, the legacy of knowledge and wisdom of the elders and a goal to preserve and promote a specific traditional art,  practiced only by a few nowadays.

The Village

Pengosekan, the Art village, is a community of 250 families. Most of which have more than four generations living together in the traditional family compound. We are very preoccupied to be an active part of this community by sourcing services, products and art, organizing art projects and involving in social or environmental causes.

The village has some of Bali’s most talented artists residing. On a short walk through it you can see plenty of shops and homes with art works displayed.


 About Ketut Liyer


    In the worldwide bestseller “Eat, Pray, Love”, Elizabeth Gilbert writes extensively about the pivotal lessons and guidance of traditional Balinese healer Ketut Liyer. Ketut played a key role in Elizabeth’s spiritual journey, and ultimately helped her find inner happiness and balance.

Ketut has dedicated his life to healing and guiding people along their spiritual paths. The family’s sacred knowledge is passed down from father to son, and there have been over 10 generations and healers and priests. Due to Ketut’s age of 94, he no longer meets with guests, and we honour and respect his privacy. However, his son Nyoman has inherited the sacred knowledge and skills and continues the work of his father. We invite you to experience a personal or group session with him. Let your conscience be your guide!

Eat Pray Love Book                                           Liyer House strives to uphold the teachings of Ketut and his lineage.

It is a sanctuary where people all over the world can relax and embark upon a journey within.



Tri Hita Karana

Tri Hita Karana is the principle of Balinese culture and daily life. Ketut also uses this as his main pillar of guidance. “Tri” means three, “Hita” which means happiness and “Karana” meaning the cause. Freely translated, Tri Hita Karana means the “Three causes to create happiness”.

In the Hindu Balinese beliefs, happiness has three main causes:




By bringing those three causes together, we create happiness within ourselves and for others around us. Body, Mind and Soul need to be in balance in order to find true peace and harmony.