Liyer Herbal Spa offers you a tranquil experience of Bali’s famous Spa treatments. You can choose from a list of treatments, starting with Foot Massages over Traditional Balinese Massage to Healing Acupressure packages. Our natural oils and creams nurturing your body and senses with exotic flavors, guiding you in a deep and serene relaxation.

Traditional Packages

Bali is famous for its traditional massage techniques. Those techniques use reflexology and aromatic natural therapy to reveal its full benefits.


Traditional Massage 60 Min IDR 150K

Full body massage with frangipani oil/ Flower bath/ Herbal tea.

Four Hand Massage 60 Min IDR 250 K

Traditional Full body massage with two spa therapists/ Flower bath/ Ginger tea

Upper Body Massage 60 Min IDR 140K

Upper body and head massage with natural frangipani oil/ Ginger tea

Foot Massage 60 Min IDR 140K

Relaxing foot massage with natural oil/ Herbal Tea.

Aroma-therapy Massage 60 Min IDR 200K

Full body massage with warm oil/ Flower bath/ Herbal tea.

Reflexology 30 Min IDR 70K

Reflexology foot massage that helps energy flow, to and from all organs/ Herbal Tea.

Liyer Usada Packages

The Usada traditional technique aims to relief a particular body imbalance by focusing on pressure points related to the discomfort. Also known as Acupressure treatments. All treatments include a complementary herbal tea.

Head – Kepala 80 Min - IDR 350K

Enjoy a relaxing head massage which helps reduce symptoms of migraines, insomnia and stress

Gastric – Lambung 80 Min - IDR 350K

Reduces symptoms of abdominal discomfort, loss of appetite, dispepsia

Digestive – Sembelit 80 Min - IDR 350K

Reduces symptoms of digestive disharmony and improves digestion process


Myalgia 80 Min - IDR 350K

Supports reduction of muscle pain in arms, legs, back, shoulders and waist.

Relaksasi 80 Min - IDR 500K

Full body massage focused on muscle relaxation points.

Stamina 80 Min - IDR 350K

Energizes your whole body and mind

Ayurveda Treatments

Developed in India over 6,000 years ago and accustomed to Balinese techniques. Ayurveda, which translates as “knowledge of life”, is a natural approach for creating balance and strengthen the body’s healing abilities through relaxation and rejuvenation.

Shiro Dara 210 minutes - IDR 1.100K

Flower bath with rempah, cinnamon, candlenut, cloves, turmeric, ginger and vetiver grass.

Lulur 120 minutes - IDR 300K

Full body massage Frangipani scrub with yoghurt/ Flower bath/ Ginger tea.

Spice Therapy 120 minutes – IDR 300K

Full body massage with warm balm/ Flower bath/ Ginger tea.

Milk Bath 120 Min - IDR 300K

Full body massage Frangipani and body milk mask/ Flower bath.

Spice Bath 120 minutes - IDR 300K

Full body massage/ Lulur Scrub/ Flower bath.

Cream Bath 60 minutes - IDR 160K

Relaxing head and shoulder cream massage/ Herbal Tea.


Herbal Packages

Wellness packages using natural herbs and their properties to refresh body & mind. All treatments include herbal tea.

Full Body Wellness 150 minutes - IDR 285K

Traditional Balinese Massage/ Facial or Cream Bath/ Flowerbath.

Mysterious Bali 210 minutes - IDR 425K

Traditional Balinese Massage Frangipani scrub & yoghurt/ Facial or Cream Bath/ Flowerbath.

Oriental Spices 270 minutes - IDR 575K

Traditional Balinese Massage Rempah Scrub/ Yoghurt/ Facial or Cream Bath/ Flower Bath

Royal Milk Bath 270 minutes - IDR 675K

Traditional Balinese Massage/ Lulur Susu Scrub Milk Powder/ Facial or Cream Bath Milk/ Flower bath.

Traditional Herbs 150 minutes - IDR 370K

Traditional Balinese massage/ Facial or Cream Bath/ Flower bath essential oil.

Clove Balm Massage 150 minutes - IDR 430K

Full Body Massage/ Clove Balm/ Facial or Cream Bath/ Flower Bath with Clove essence

Aloe Vera Massage 150 minutes - IDR 480K

Full body massage/ Aloe Vera body scrub, facial or Cream Bath/ Flower bath with Aloe Vera.

Antiseptic Lemongrass 150minutes - IDR 480K

Traditional Massage with Lemongrass scrub/ Facial or Cream Bath/ Flower bath with Lemongrass oil.

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